Letter to the Editor: ‘I would rather be free’


Recognizing that the Unaffordable Care Laws are emerging replete with broken promises and are simply employing Fabian tactics leading to socialism, I found Sen. Ted Cruz’s address from the Senate floor tonight (it was found on C-SPAN) charming.

At 8 p.m. when he digressed to read bedtime stories to his kids, I stopped and wrote my own poem. Dr. Seuss wouldn’t mind.

I would rather be free

I do not like Obamacare
Simply, let me be!
I will not like it,
It will not be trouble-free.
Not nearly, will it be.
I do not like Obamacare,
Please, please, let me be,
I would rather, much rather, be free.

Cruz also read a list that contained many, many schools that are restricting hours that employees may work so as to escape Obamacare mandates. An example of what the future will look like?

Patricia Botts, Fort Valley