Letter to the Editor: Lawmakers are toying with our economy


Bob Goodlatte and his comrades do not represent my interests. They do not represent the American people. They have become nothing more than a card-carrying party member.

I earned my veteran’s disability benefit by serving in Vietnam. I haven’t taken a dime in care or treatment from the Veterans Administration even though I am entitled. I paid for Medicare and Social Security with a far greater percentage of my income than Goodlatte or his fellow travelers.

Now, lawmakers toy with our economy and my family’s financial well-being for strictly partisan political reasons and the likelihood of personal financial gain.

None of the lawmakers will be hurt by another economic downturn. In fact, based on recent experience, they will come out way ahead because they are all rich and have lots of money to invest. And most disgustingly, lawmakers’ continuing paychecks and full medical benefits will be funded by my pocket.

If there is any problem with the well-being of the United States of America, it is the GOP’s squatting in the House of Representatives at the complete control of its intellectual giants like Fox, Limbaugh, Beck, Bozell, Hanity, etc. The word “cretin” comes to mind.

Steve Sober, Woodstock