Letter to the Editor: Let’s clear up some misconceptions


I write this letter concerning Amy Voss-DeVito’s recent letter regarding Shenandoah County supervisor candidate Cindy Bailey. I would like to clarify a few misconceptions that readers may have erroneously garnered from it.

First of all, Bailey has more than a mere “handful” of supporters. In the 2009 local elections, she received 738 votes as a write-in candidate. During the four years since, her popularity has greatly increased.

Voss-DeVito classifies the Charter House School deal as a “brilliant, budgetary, and educational move.” That remains to be seen as Charter House has the right to break the lease with 365 days notice, leaving Shenandoah County taxpayers holding the bag for the debt, which could be the better part of $4.5 million dollars.

As far as Voss-DeVito’s concern about a conflict of interest involving Cindy Bailey’s husband Scott, I wonder if Voss-Devito is as equally concerned about the potential conflict of interest involving county supervisor candidate Steve Shaffer, who is a part-time substitute teacher and bus driver for the county. I highly doubt it, even if she knew these facts.

I suppose the comment that I find the most ludicrous though is where she states that we Bailey supporters are “heaping our frustration with the federal government on the heads of hard-working local officials and staff.” I can’t begin to imagine where that bizarre hypothesis came from. Voss-DeVito’s goal through her letter was to marginalize and discredit Bailey and her supporters by way of conjecture. The voters of this county will not buy into it.

Mike Wakeman, Edinburg