Letter to the Editor: Obamacare works for me


I just got through researching the changes Obamacare made to my health insurance. I hate to admit this but my Republican friends are correct. I will be paying more for my insurance under Obamacare than before.

Here’s what I learned. I am retired and get my insurance through that retirement. My premium for a no deductible policy will increase by $10/month, not $80/month like it did last year, or over $50/month like it did the year before that! And, yes, I will be paying more for less coverage as my co-pays increase, too, except for primary care: specialist care increased from $25 to $30 this year, the same increase as the last two years. Co-pays for hospital stays increased by $100, the same as the last two years. And more than that, I am not paying any tax on my no deductible insurance plan.

As I see it, this year’s increase in health costs is way below the increases I paid the last two years before Obamacare. So, in my case, Obamacare has saved me lots of money in increased health costs, when compared to the past two years.

My premium increase last year was $960 for the year and this year only $120 for the year. Wow! Obamacare works for me, so far.

Michael Cash, Fort Valley