Letter to the Editor: Re-elect Dennis Morris


This letter supports the re-election of Dennis Morris for District 5 supervisor.

I have known Morris for about 30 years and have seen how his values are the basis for his success as a county supervisor, and in turn have helped to shape our county into a great place to live and to raise children.

Many people have watched him at board meetings and have seen his common sense approach to issues and the respectful way he treats everyone. Morris maintains an excellent working relationship and often a friendship with members who vote on the opposite side of an issue.

A number of people know him as an active community member, very involved with his church and community associations in District 5. Morris also serves on the board of the nonprofit People Inc., and he was instrumental in People Inc.’s renovation of the Toms Brook School, of which he an alumnus.

Less well known are his individual acts of kindness. Morris and his wife Doris have delivered groceries or hot meals or given transportation to families or elderly residents who have fallen on hard times. He will work with individuals to connect them with help from churches, nonprofit agencies and public services. He does not talk about these acts and I only know of them because I personally witnessed several of them. I suspect he might be embarrassed that I brought these kindnesses to light.

In summary, what I have seen over the decades is that Morris is a man of faith who displays his faith not by words alone on Sunday morning, but by his actions throughout the week.

Please consider a vote for Morris, who represents the best of Shenandoah County values.

John Ayers, Edinburg