Letter to the Editor: Register by Oct. 15 for November election


October 15 is rapidly approaching. This is a very significant date as it is the last day one can register to vote in the local election.

I would encourage everyone who has not registered to do so promptly. I have heard way too many people expressing pessimistic opinions in regard to voting. “Nothing ever changes” and “what does it matter” are idioms commonly heard.

Well, this time around, more than ever, it really does matter. We need a return to sound fiscal government here in the county. Two consecutive years of tax increases due to years of reckless spending are but the precursors of more to come. Lack of and loss of industry and small businesses have adversely affected the tax base, shifting the burden of indebtedness and outlay to the private citizen.

As to the other aforementioned idiom of “nothing ever changes,” sadly that can be all too true, but it does not have to be. Take a few minutes to register to vote before Oct. 15, then take a few more minutes on Nov. 5 to cast your ballot. Every citizen is significant; every vote is significant.

A vote for Cindy Bailey and Marsha Shruntz in Districts 4 and 5 will start the process back to sane leadership.

Mike Wakeman, Edinburg