Letter to the Editor: Remember Front Royal town charter issue?


For many years I proudly considered myself a Republican. No longer.

I no longer consider myself a Republican. For now on I will vote based upon the issues and character of the candidate. That being said, I will not be voting for Michael Webert, the Republican candidate for House of Delegates.

Several months ago, Del. Webert was tasked by the Front Royal Town Council to present a list of town charter changes to the House of Delegates to be voted on by the House of Delegates. In that list was a request for the change of the town elections from May elections on even-numbered years to November on even-numbered years.

Webert chose to ignore the wishes of a nonpartisan elected Town Council and majority of the Citizens of Front Royal and rewrote the charter request to reflect his desire to push his own partisan agenda by changing the wording to reflect moving the elections to odd- numbered years instead of even-numbered years. Webert, up to this date, has refused to answer for or make himself available to Front Royal citizens to answer the questions that need to be answered.

Webert betrayed the trust of his constituents when he placed partisan politics ahead of the needs and wishes Front Royal citizens and their desire to elect their elected officials as they see fit. Webert is not fit nor qualified to hold public office.

We desperately need representatives in all levels of government who will place partisan politics aside and truly work in the best interest of the people.

Is there a candidate with the Integrity to put aside partisan politics and work for the people wiling tol step forward run for public office? I believe that there is one. After speaking with him for over two hours at my home this past Saturday over a wide range of issues –including what happened to Front Royal in regards to the town charter Issue — I believe that Colin Harris is that candidate for delegate for the 18th District.

Timothy P. Ratigan, Front Royal