Letter to the Editor: Rude employees force customers elsewhere


If you have noticed a rejection sticker on the Mobil gas station gas pumps on the north end of Front Royal, don’t go in and inquire about it. You may receive a very rude response from an employee there as I did recently.

I was inquiring about it to ensure that I was not being cheated on the gas. I was told, “Then don’t buy it” from an employee.

She did not give me an explanation for the rejection sticker, so I was forced to call the number on the sticker to get one. They explained that it is due to the equipment not being up to standards, but the gas and the amount that comes out is fine and not affected.

Then why didn’t the employee just explain this? Why not put up a sign with an explanation? Why the rude and defensive reaction? I get the younger generation sometimes being rude, but this employee was of an age that I am sure she was brought up with better manners (or at least I hope so).

Having worked with the public, I do understand the stress a person deals with, but you also lose customers with the kind of attitude that I received. What happened to treating your customers with respect? How about customer satisfaction? How about quality of service?

I am a consumer and do expect the equipment to be up to the required standards, especially if I am paying this kind of price for gas these days! From now on, I will just keep going around the corner to the Hess gas station. A least the employees are really nice there, not to mention better gas prices! One customer lost due to one rude employee!

Heidi Jacob, Front Royal