Letter to the Editor: Vote for McAuliffe, Northam, Herring, Scott


On Nov. 5, Virginia voters will have a chance to put the commonwealth back on a growth path. Two previous governors moved the state into the mainstream through pragmatic governance. Our current governor has kept the state in a holding pattern while concentrating primarily on ideological issues like interfering in women’s health decisions, gerrymandering congressional districts and suppressing voter participation. To be fair, near the end of his administration, a comprehensive transportation bill was passed that should pay big dividends in the future.

The Terry McAuliffe, Ralph Northam, Mark Herring team can get us out of this holding pattern by creating jobs, concentrating on issues that make citizens’ lives better, expanding Medicaid for citizens who truly need it and putting education on solid footing to address 21st century requirements. Let’s put them in office and get Virginia moving forward again. Their opponents are stuck in the ideological morass and will take us backward if elected.

On the local level, Emily Scott, candidate for District 4 supervisor, deserves our vote. Scott has deep Shenandoah County roots, so she knows the people, loves the county and wants to do her part in making it better. She can bring a fresh, different view to the decision-making process. Well-paying jobs for the county are on the top of her agenda. Her broader vision of what the county is capable of deserves our attention. She has no axes to grind; she wants to listen to citizens and vote their interests.

I urge your vote for McAuliffe for governor, Northam for lieutenant governor, Herring for attorney general and Scott for District 4 supervisor.

Luther Santiful, Edinburg