Letter to the Editor: Shenandoah, Strasburg: Get your hand out of my pocket


I have a lot to be thankful for but Shenandoah County supervisors and Strasburg officials are starting to make my life really rough.

Yes, I live comfortably, but don’t think I will for very long. I know a lot of residents make good money. I saved all of my married life so I could own a home and buy things I loved.

I just wish you all would get your hand out of my pocket. I learned that if you don’t have money, you don’t buy anything. You all are buying things you can’t pay for and expect the taxpayers to pick up the tab. This taxpayer is very upset with this idea. The last time I looked, my income had not been increased. I try to help the economy, but I can’t if all my income goes to taxes. The Medicare drug plan, water bill, electric bill and any insurances that you can’t do without have all increased. I know I have forgotten some, but you get my drift.

Yes I vote and I will remember the ones who raised everything to suit themselves and not what the people want.

I didn’t see anything wrong with Strasburg before, but I can give you a list now. Why can’t you leave these long-time residents alone and let them live out there lives here?

I guess Washington isn’t the only place that have people who can’t fix the budget.

Shirley Raynor, Strasburg