Letter to the Editor: Spreading fear is not what nation stands for


Beware: scare tactics and ignorance are the purpose of such words as “unknown candidate or potentially disqualified” in an Oct. 17 letter to the editor when describing candidate Cindy Bailey for district supervisor, Woodstock.

As a citizen and an American, it’s your duty to your county, state and country to get to know the candidates — thus why they make themselves available, list phone numbers and spend money, yes, even out of their own pockets.

Backed by neither party nor born with silver spoons in their mouth is far more appealing to get to know than smoke, mirrors and deep pocketed friends and far more American than calling your “buddies” to make a few phone calls for you.

The use of “potentially” in the Oct. 17 letter is a cowardly word in not trusting the candidate qualification system.

As a veteran and someone who has done my American homework, spreading fear is not what this country stands for and certainly not the intent of our forefathers.

“Home of the Brave” — and I say Cindy Bailey and Marsha Shruntz are those Americans and you don’t even have to look far to see that. Bailey is running against money and Shruntz is running against a candidate who has been in office for 38 years (which still blows my mind that it has been allowed!)

Please, do your American homework and vote American.

Rex Ingram, Maurertown