Letter to the Editor: Support Boyles for revenue commissioner


In the 18 years that Roy Boyles worked with my husband John Smedley in the Warren County Commissioner of the Revenue’s office, my husband supported Boyles and wanted him to become the next commissioner.

In 2003, my husband offered Boyles the position of chief deputy IV, but Boyles respectfully declined because he was a candidate for treasurer of Warren County that year. Only after Boyles declined to accept that position did my husband offer it to Sherry Sours.

It was never my husband’s intention to support Sherry Sours as the next revenue commissioner. He wanted Boyles to be the next commissioner and was going to endorse him and support his candidacy after retirement. Because my husband had confidence in Boyles’ ability to represent him and the office, he chose Boyles to be the spokesperson at educational events and to be the office’s liaison with community organizations.

I support Boyles for commissioner of the revenue, just as my husband would have had he been able to continue serving the good people of Warren County until his retirement.

Please vote for Boyles for commissioner on Nov. 5. He will be an outstanding commissioner.

Doris Smedley, Front Royal