Letter to the Editor: Teachers for Dave LaRock


Having lived in Virginia since 1978, I’ve seen how education has evolved.

I’ve sat in a student desk, and after earning a graduate degree and a teaching certificate from a Virginia university, taught middle and high school in two counties.

I’ve personally seen the number of schools grow and accept children of all nationalities and religions in all shapes and sizes.

I’ve talked to many fellow teachers in teacher networks and other places and many know we could do better than the status quo. We need to be represented better in Richmond.

I’m urging my fellow teachers to stand up and vote for Dave LaRock on Nov. 5.
LaRock knows improving schools means returning control to local communities, parents and teachers. We are local and we know what our kids need.

LaRock will work to cut administrative bureaucracy and shift money to reduce class size and increase teacher pay.

I’m tired of being status quo.I’m voting for a leader in the delegate in the 33rd District. I’m voting for LaRock.

David Siecker, Purcellville