Letter to the Editor: The GOP agenda is well under way


I need to review the agenda to see if it is on track:

1. Do everything possible to ensure the poor and medically uninsured are denied national health care, even if we have to waste time with more than 40 “show” votes to stop an enacted law supported by the Supreme Court. Spread a little fear about “socialism” just to spice the pot. Check. Did that.

2. Work nationally to change existing laws that permit a woman to make her own biological choices or receive equal pay for equal work. Check. On track.

3. Seize upon any possible unfortunate global issue and claim it is the fault of the present administration. Check.

4. Obstruct any attempt to put common sense laws/regulation/enforcement into effect in an attempt to at least try to limit gun-related violence. Check. On track.

5. Claim to be “job creators” by giving top income individuals and corporations big tax breaks and really hope they use the extra money to “create jobs.” Check. No jobs created because of that yet, but maybe someday.

OK, the Republican national agenda is well under way. Now, if we can just get rid of that pesky liberal who somehow got elected president. Twice.

Lee Jette, Maurertown