Letter to the Editor: Vote for Cindy Bailey on Nov. 5


In-regards to Amy Voss-DeVito’s Oct. 17 letter, “Beware of Cindy Bailey,” my response is this: “get your facts right.”

I, Scott Bailey, have over 35 years of law enforcement experience and have worked for five sheriffs and two attorney generals. Does this cause a conflict of interest for Cindy Bailey? I guess Shenandoah County Supervisors David E. Ferguson and Sharon Baroncelli shouldn’t vote on fire department matters. Or, board candidate Steve Shaffer would have to recuse himself from the school budget.

The fact is the county board disregards our sheriff’s opinion on any public safety matters. The reason being is that he is an honest, fiscally responsible politician that they cannot manipulate.

Fact: the millions of dollars of spending by this board is not sustainable and will cause our taxes to go up even more. Fact: businesses are not coming to Shenandoah County because of the politics and leadership of this board. Fact: this Board does not like to be questioned, therefore, its members conduct county business behind closed doors. Fact: this Republican in name only board masquerades as conservatives but is not for less spending, less taxes and is not pro-business.

Talk about histrionics, Voss-DeVito’s letter going negative about Cindy Bailey is full of superlatives about this board, calling its members professional, prudent and brilliant. I guess this is what we can expect from a party loyalist. Protecting our families and children’s future means stopping this board’s irresponsible borrowing, building and spending while raising taxes to pay for it all.

We need a strong voice of unwavering commitment to all of our county citizens. Cindy Bailey has taken positions on many issues, speaking publicly at board meetings and through letters to editor. She attends county board meetings and work sessions, learning the county’s business — something neither of her opponents have taken the time to do.

Please vote for Cindy Miller Bailey on Nov. 5.

Scott Bailey, Woodstock