Letter to the Editor: Vote for Colin Harris


In the current political climate, Virginia needs leaders who will put people above partisan politics.

Earlier this year, the Front Royal Town Council, after months of citizen input, rewrote its town charter. The council and Mayor’s Office are nonpartisan, and the people of Front Royal agreed with this portion of the charter along with moving the elections to November in even years.

The charter was then given to Del. Michael Webert to pass to the House of Delegates for ratification. Easy, right? Present a bill that a majority of town residents desired.

However, when the bill (HB 2051) arrived in Richmond, it had been rewritten by Webert and a group of partisans statewide to move the election to odd years and make the elections partisan. A clear violation of what Front Royal residents wanted!

Webert then hid in his office for five days while the Town Council repeatedly tried to contact him to have him correct the bill.

Webert can no longer be trusted to perform the will of the people. If this happened in my town, why would you think that the next time your local government submits a bill to Webert that the same thing won’t happen to you?

That is why this November I am asking the residents of the 18th District to cast their votes for Colin Harris. Harris has stated that he is looking to reach across the aisle for bi-partisan solutions and has said that he would never have rewritten a bill against the will of the people.

Molly Snyder, Front Royal