Letter to the Editor: La Rock supports volunteer fire departments


Mary Daniel is wrong on an important issue and is hiding this from us. Her largest campaign contribution is from the International Association of Firefighters’ Political Action Committee. What will Mary Daniel do for that committee in exchange for this? There is only one answer. Unions want to get rid of right-to-work law in Virginia and they are investing in Daniel to get that job done.

The IAFF is member organization of the AFL-CIO, whose president, Richard Trumka, has aggressively called for the end of right-to-work laws.

The IAFF also wants to replace volunteer fire departments with career union members. They take a very aggressive anti-volunteer stance. Their constitution prohibits members from volunteering with local fire departments. The members who support this aggressively file charges on members who volunteer.

Dave LaRock supports our volunteer fire departments. They bring a sense of community to rural areas, and provide a great service at reduced cost to taxpayers.

Few things are as sacred in Virginia politics and crucial to our economy as our right-to-work law, which bar compulsory union membership to hold a job. Virginia is among 24 right-to-work states and supporters have long argued that the law spurs economic development and affirms personal freedom. Abolishing the law would threaten our “best state to do business” ranking and be a huge blow to Virginia’s ability to thrive.

Ask Daniel why she took $10,000 from an international union. Don’t be fooled by her moderate façade. Opposing right-to-work laws is a pillar of the Democrat agenda, and says more about Daniel than the empty platitudes she presents.

Vote Dave LaRock to support our volunteer fire departments and keep our commonwealth business-friendly.

Jay Grim, Bluemont