Letter to the Editor: Vote for Dave LaRock


I’m encouraging all my friends and everyone who reads this to vote for Dave LaRock this fall.

LaRock is exactly the kind of reasonable, compassionate leader we need to send to Richmond. He will work with folks on both sides of issues to keep taxes low and reduce unnecessary spending. He has a passion for responsible government and a depth of understanding of issues that will make him a very effective delegate.

He has a long and successful business background, and has created value in the district already. And with seven children and four grandchildren, all living locally, he has an interest in seeing our state continue to prosper. And most importantly, he’s committed to lowering, not raising, our taxes.

Anyone wanting to protect individual enterprise and stop the rampant concentration of power in the government can expect to be vilified by those on the left. So I don’t believe a word of the fiction they write about LaRock in the glossy mailers they send me.

Virginia is a great place for business — let’s keep it that way by sending a great businessman to help lead Virginia.

Scott A. Woodruff, Purcellville