Letter to the Editor: Vote for delegates who won’t oppose bridge safety


Our bridge over the South Fork of the Shenandoah River is going to be replaced starting this year — no thanks to Del. Michael Webert who voted against the transportation funding and Mark Berg, who also opposed it. The Virginia Department of Transportation expects that the new bridge will be finished in 2017.

According to a Northern Virginia Daily article on Oct. 17, this bridge was built in 1941, it crosses both the South Fork and the Norfolk Southern Railway, and at 1,900 feet is one of the longest bridges in Virginia. Warren County Administrator Doug Stanley, in the Daily article, noted that it was built in the same fashion as the Interstate 35 West bridge in Minneapolis that collapsed in 2007.

If our bridge collapsed or became too dangerous to use, think what life would be like for Warren County residents or for those trying to visit or pass through Warren County on Routes 340 or 522. It would be necessary to drive to Linden and back on Interstate 66 or vice versa. VDOT has calculated that 30,400 vehicles per day crossed the South Fork Bridge in 2012.

On Election Day, vote for Larry Yates and Colin Harris as delegates. They will work for and not against bridge safety for Warren County.

Sandra Z. Wilson, Front Royal