Letter to the Editor: Vote for Dennis Morris


We have known Dennis Morris for many years. On the few occasions that we have needed assistance on county matters, he has always been available to assist us, and, if he did not know the answer to the question, he referred us to the person who could help.

Over the years, Morris has become very familiar with all county departments and while not wasting taxpayers’ dollars, he has tried to be progressive in his thinking to move education, public safety and other essential services forward in Shenandoah County. One of his favorite sayings is “how do we get the best bang for the buck.” Morris is always looking for that solution.

County government gets saddled with state unfunded mandates on a regular basis, but Morris works hard for all of us to see those mandates cost taxpayers the least amount possible.

When you go to the polls on Nov. 5, vote Morris for supervisor for District 5. He will work to solve your problems with acceptable solutions for all, not just make statements with no facts and figures to back them up.

We are proud and honored that Morris is willing to give our county his time, energy and experience to serve the people in District 5.

Don & Linda Neighbors, Toms Brook