Letter to the Editor: Yates will put needs of people first


I am asking voters in the new 29th district of Virginia to join me in voting for Independent Larry Lemar Yates. This is a very important election. When residents see their voting ballot they will note that there is no Democratic candidate and that Beverly Sherwood is absent.

That means we have the opportunity to vote into office Yates, whose prime objective is to put the needs of the people of the 29th District first in his work, not money in his pocket.

Yates has many years of experience effectively working for residents with every level of Virginia government. This he has done through personal effort and through such organizations as Virginia Organizing, Virginia Affordable Housing and the Center for Health, Environment and Justice.

He is genuinely one of those few people who really listens to you and who finds many ways to hear your points of view on the issues vital to each of us. He will lead our effort to cut out deep-rooted loopholes used by politicians to avoid our laws for gifting money to party-line candidates. He will respect the value of our natural resources heritage, including our rivers, mountains, open farm lands and beautiful vistas here in the valley of Virginia. And he knows how they add vitally to our quality of life and to job creation. He clearly understands that once our rivers, mountain views and open spaces are destroyed or sadly abused they are gone forever.

For some 30 years Yates has been working to protect our quality of life and to assure that everyone is treated justly. We need his kind of representation in Richmond where cover-ups, misuse of power and scandalous use of campaign money is prevalent. Independent candidate Yates, is our man to seriously shed some bright light on these many self-serving abuses of the peoples’ trust, while maintaining and improving our quality of life here in the valley. Let’s begin by electing Yates to represent the 29th District.

Benjamin H. Weddle, Front Royal