Letter to the Editor: Vote for Marsha Shruntz


Our inflated Shenandoah County tax bills will appear any day now. My tax-and-spend 5th District supervisor, Dennis Morris, has voted two years in a row to raise taxes. His lack of priority is an example of his voting record and poor judgment.

Why do our schools need $10 million in repairs, roofs and boilers? If the boiler in question breaks down, it would take two to three months to replace.

Why have our trash dumpsters remained closed on Thursdays since 2010?

Morris has a callous voting record against taxpayers and his knack for spending and taxing is out of control.

Leadership comes with realizing who pays the bills and to realize how to spend our money the best way.

Vote Marsha Shruntz for District 5 supervisor on Nov. 5 for a shift in what we need, not what Morris wants.

Chris Shruntz, Strasburg