Letter to the Editor: Vote for Roy Boyles


As a lifelong Front Royal citizen, I would like to ask residents to support Roy Boyles for Commissioner of the Revenue. Boyles and I have been very close friends since we were in the same first grade class at E. Wilson Morrison Elementary School. In all of the years that followed, I have been proud to see him become an outstanding citizen and public servant.

He has served on dozens of organizations that have benefited thousands of our citizens, including being a member of the Warren Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees, the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society, president of the United Way, and chairman and president of the Salvation Army Board. He also served nine years on the Warren County School Board, including four years as president, and is president of the Virginia School Board Association. He has twice been named Citizen of the Year of Front Royal and Warren County, and he was recognized as Distinguished Citizen of the Year by the Boy Scouts of America.

In addition to his civic contributions, Boyles has faithfully served the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office for 19 years.

John Smedley, who was also a lifelong friend before his untimely passing, came to me over 19 years ago and asked me to approach Boyles about coming to work with him at the Commissioner’s Office. I arranged a meeting, and at that meeting Smedley offered Boyles the job. Also at that time, Smedley asked Boyles to give him his word that he would not run for the commissioner’s job until Smedley had made the decision to retire. Boyles gave Smedley his word and kept it, even when he was approached by some of Smedley’s political opponents who urged him to run. Boyles’ integrity speaks volumes about his character and his devotion to Smedley and his job.

Smedley’s widow Doris has endorsed Boyles for revenue commissioner. Please vote for Boyles on Nov. 5. I have been proud to call him my friend for over five decades, and I will be equally proud to help to elect him commissioner.

Mike Silek, Front Royal

Letter to the Editor: Vote for Roy Boyles


We are supporting Roy Boyles for commissioner of the revenue in Warren County not simply because he is our brother, but, more importantly because he embodies the qualities of honesty, integrity, compassion, and dedication — all traits that a successful commissioner needs.

He embraces the Rotarian motto of “Service above Self” and has demonstrated his love and compassion for our community by participating in worthwhile service organizations such as Front Royal Rotary Club, Front Royal Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis, and United Way.

His leadership extends beyond these organizations and into the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue itself. For 19 years, he has served as the supervisor of the Real Estate Department in the commissioner’s office and as its spokesperson and liaison to community organizations. He has also served as chairperson of the Warren County School Board and is currently the president of the Virginia School Boards Association. His successful leadership experience makes him a perfect candidate to lead the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue.

In his position as chairperson and member of our local school board, he placed the interests of the students first, just as he will place the needs of our citizens first as the new commissioner. He will provide a thoughtful ear to all residents of Warren County and will treat them with compassion and fairness. He lives by the rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

His work ethic is admirable, and his love of this community and its citizens is heartfelt. We believe that Roy Boyles is by far the best candidate for commissioner of the revenue and will fulfill the duties of that office with integrity and fairness.

We would appreciate your vote for Roy Boyles for commissioner of the revenue of Warren County on Nov. 5.

David B. Boyles, III
Aneita Boyles Bryant
Janine Boyles Evans
Front Royal, Va