Letter to the Editor: Vote for Sherry Sours


I have worked with Sherry Sours, acting commissioner of the revenue, at the Warren County Commissioner’s Office. At that time, I worked in the Real Estate Assessor’s Office and Sours was responsible for personal property.

She is capable of handling all aspects of the Commissioner’s Office as a result of her 35 years of experience there. She has advanced through many changes throughout her tenure, including the automation to computers, the change to half-year assessments, the restructuring of business licensing, the assessment of the commercial personal property, the streamlining of records and tax books, the evolution of processing and filing of state income tax, the reviews of land use and tax relief programs.

She is excellent with people and is fair and honest. She gets along well with her co-workers and has worked with three commissioners. She is smart and practical, a good problem solver and does not hesitate to take responsibility. Having seen the improvements she has made in the mechanics of that office, I am an enthusiastic supporter.

Deanna D. Hickerson, Surfside Beach, S.C.