Letter to the Editor: Vote for Sherry Sours


Sherry Sours began working in the office of the Warren County Commissioner of Revenue in 1978. At that time I was working in the Treasurer’s Office. Until I retired, we worked in adjacent offices for 28 years. I became well acquainted with Sours, her professional abilities, and her work ethic.

She is well acquainted with all the duties of the Commissioner’s Office. She can see the issues from the taxpayer’s point of view while still carrying out all the responsibilities of the Commissioner’s Office. She is honest, intelligent, and dedicated to the job.

Over the years, Sours has been a steady presence in the Commissioner’s Office, frequently managing the office in the commissioner’s absence. She was appointed chief deputy in 2003. One of her opponents has never served in the Commissioner’s Office, and while the other has been there 18 years, Sours has been there 35 years! Clearly she is well qualified for the job.

Although she has extensive history in public service, Sours is new to politics. Unlike her two opponents, she has never before run for a political office. Last year she was appointed by the court to fill the vacancy, and she is standing for election now because she wants to continue doing the job.

This is the first time in Warren County history that we have had a woman to serve as Warren County Commissioner of Revenue, and I see no reason why we should not keep her in that office. I intend to vote for Sours.

Betty Chapman, Front Royal