Letter to the Editor: Vote for Steve Shaffer in District 4 race


The dysfunction in Washington is an embarrassment to all of us — politicians, Republicans and Democrats, whose allegiance to singular ideologies seem to outweigh the best interest of the people they were elected to serve; politicians who think it is OK to denigrate and villainize those who disagree with them; politicians who fail to understand that a fundamental cornerstone of this nation is our diverse viewpoints that cannot be driven by extremism.

Unfortunately, they didn’t just appear in Washington. They were elected by good people who were drawn in by all the best political rhetoric and misrepresentation of facts. We can now see what electing such self-serving people to public office brings us — stalemate, ill will, and ultimately non-governance.

It’s the reason I will not cast my vote for Cindy Bailey in this fall’s District 4 supervisor race. Bailey has consistently exhibited behaviors in her political activism that has cost the citizens of this county thousands of dollars through threats and intimidation. If you have ever observed her actions at board meetings you would have seen her unprofessional behavior and disrespect. The citizens of this county simply cannot afford her indiscriminate actions and poor judgment.

Citizens and candidates for the Board of Supervisors are absolutely entitled to disagree with other candidates or the board itself, but in order to be effective and persuasive, common sense dictates you respect those with whom you serve and honor the office, especially if you expect others to respect you.

The record shows Bailey has consistently done neither. You can disagree without being disagreeable. The voters of District 4 need a candidate who can effectively weigh all factors and points of view to make decisions that will be in the long-term best interest of the citizens of our county.

I have known Steve Shaffer for many years and found him to be an honorable man and community servant. I may not agree with Shaffer on every issue, but I have no doubt he is open to hearing my position and do so in a respectful manner.

There is always room for disagreement in local government, but in order to persuade others that your position is worthy, and perhaps better, you must first display the respect you wish to receive. I want District 4 to continue to have an effective voice on the board and that’s why I will cast my vote for Shaffer.

Before you cast your vote, please take the time to be an informed voter and know the candidates. I would encourage all voters to carefully examine Bailey’s record.

Bill Pence, Woodstock