Letter to the Editor: Vote for the conservative in 33rd District


On Nov. 5t I’m voting for the conservative on the ticket in the 33rd District, and the reasons are simple:

Dave LaRock is a conservative. He’s been one from the beginning, fighting for things that we desperately need in this district. I have seen him work very hard for what he believes in — less government interference, smarter spending, lower taxes, school choice, all things that help Virginia families. He’s been doing this not because he’s getting paid to do it or his party is guiding his steps, he’s doing it because it’s something he genuinely believes in. LaRock is a true Statesman.

I believe he has a heart for what’s best for Virginia instead of what the bureaucrats, politicians and big business want. LaRock will stand up for the people in Richmond, and work with our next Governor, Ken Cuccinelli, to stop the overreach of the federal government. That’s someone I want to vote for.

Josiah Alway, Berryville