Letter to the Editor: Vote for Yates in the 29th District


Our government is failing us in both Washington and Richmond because there is too much partisanship. So on Nov. 5, vote for an independent. Vote for Larry Lamar Yates for Delegate in the 29th District.

Yates is not a politician. He is an independent. Not a Democrat. Not a Republican. Although he has never run for public office before, as an organizer he has had effective experience with every level of Virginia government, including the General Assembly.

There are three kinds of people on Earth: things people, ideas people and people people. Yates is a people person.

When elected, Yates promises to put people in need first in all that he does and to resist using the government to increase the treasure of the wealthy here on Earth.

Yates will work to strengthen the 29th District as a scenic, historical and environmental treasure as well as a good place to work and do business.

In addition to representing all residents of the 29th District in the General Assembly in Richmond, Yates will be an accessible and active advocate on behalf of any citizen of the 29th District who has a problem with state government.

As an independent, he will work for a bipartisan solution to the problem of “safe” districts.

So, on Nov. 5 vote for Yates for delegate.

Mark your calendar now! If you don’t vote, you can’t complain!

Waller H. Wilson, Front Royal