Letter to the Editor: Vote for Shruntz and Bailey


Like most Shenandoah County citizens, I have been alarmed by the recent actions of our Board of Supervisors. The board has raised taxes in each of the last two years, created expensive non-productive programs, built a regional jail which will triple the cost of housing inmates (over the objection of the local sheriff) and spent money on multiple projects while avoiding public referendum through covert “lease-purchase” arrangements. They will spend $20,000 to improve a website, but not take the time to answer email.

Since the only time the current board seems to respond to voters is during an election year, a website was established to provide candidate profiles and positions on a variety of issues. The original intention was to provide a forum for the discussion of issues facing the county where residents,taxpayers and voters could express their concerns and candidates could share their views. The lack of response from the traditional party candidates was discouraging and unexpected. The interaction, candor, and discussion provided by the independent candidates, however, was a breath of fresh air. Voters deserve representatives they can discuss disagreements with rather than being shut out at the first sign of not following the party line.

While I had never met Marsha Shruntz or Cindy Bailey prior to this election season, I have been truly impressed with their willingness to exchange ideas and the level of expertise they have developed regarding issues facing the county. They have both been present when I stopped by board meetings, something not true of their non-supervisor opponents, and are dedicated to making informed and fiscally conservative decisions regarding the future of Shenandoah County. I strongly endorse the election of both women to the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors for a more responsive and responsible local government.

Rich Walker, Woodstock