Letter to the Editor: We need a solution for junk mail


I was reading an editorial in the Friday, May 11, 2012, edition of the Northern Virginia Daily about how much money the post office is losing every year.

I get about 50 pounds of “junk mail” every month. Junk mail is mostly advertising or unimportant notices. The cost of a heavy “letter” of one pound is probably less than 2 ounces of first-class mail.

I suggest that advertisers mail their data on a microfilm about 1-inch square. Each household would need a blank wall 4 feet x 4 feet painted white and a small projector that might be hand-held to project the microfilm data onto the wall. The projector may have an enlarger projector so a person can make it large enough to read it easily.

It is easier to discard 20 1“x1”microfilm than to discard 20 pounds of paper. The mailing cost ought to be the current rate of first-class mail for 1 ounce.

The recipient could slip the microfilm into an envelope with a note on the outside that might read, “Cat.Sears 3-10-14,” or just put it into the outgoing trash.

It is the difference of 50 pounds versus about 2 pounds of trash.

Kenton Gambill, Strasburg