Letter to the Editor: We should celebrate love, not condemn it


In Janet Ferguson’s Oct. 22 letter, she spoke of how the country needed to get back to marriage as defined as one man and one woman. Two questions, why should we and why is it any of our business?

Why should we stop same-sex couples from having what “traditional” couples have, the right to marry and the rights that go along with that marriage? Why should we stand in the way of two people in love and tell them, “sorry, your love goes against my views, so I don’t want you to get married”. We shouldn’t, no one should.

Why is it any of our business what same-sex couples or any couple does? It isn’t our business, nor should it be. Many different organizations all over the country are trying to stick their noses in people’s lives, in places it should never belong. No one should ever be told that they aren’t allowed to marry the person they love. Love is love, regardless of the genders of the people involved.

Most will say same-sex marriage goes against what is written in the Bible, but most also forget God taught us to love everyone and to never judge anyone. He said to love everyone, not just those who share our views. If two men or two women are in love, we should celebrate that love, not stand in the way of it.

Ferguson quoted a lot of different polls in her letter, but here’s the big number. As of July 2013, 54 percent of Americans believe same-sex couples should be able to marry and have the same rights as “traditional” couples, with 43 percent against, according to a Gallup poll. That’s up from 42 percent supporting and 55 percent against in May 2004, according to the same poll. The numbers have flipped in just over 9 years.

The times are changing, people are growing more accepting. It’s time for us to stop standing in the way of same-sex couples in love, allow them to marry and have the same rights as “traditional” couples.

We should celebrate love, not condemn it.

Dayton T. Uphold, Stephens City