Letter to the Editor: Vote for Colin Harris


Are you tired of the same old politics and the same old politicians? I mean literally, old politicians. These are the ones who have been giving you partisan grid lock in Washington and Richmond for years.

If you live in Virginia’s 18th District, you have a chance to vote for a truly fresh face to represent you in Richmond. Given some of the truly obnoxious legislation that has been produced in Richmond by the old, experienced politicians, you might want to vote for Colin Harris for delegate. Harris is a recent college graduate and a born problem solver who has your interests at heart.

He will work to create good jobs in Virginia. For Harris, that means going to bat for the small businesses that are the catalysts for creating jobs. He understands the educational and job-training tools necessary for the jobs of the future. For Harris, being pro-business means being pro-education. And being pro-education means supporting our public education system, including preschool through graduate school for all Virginians.

Harris is no wild-eyed liberal, but he does believe that some things are just personal — such as the decision as to whether or not to use birth control. As our delegate, he will focus on jobs and ethics reform and stay out of our private medical decisions.

His opponent, Michael Webert, is the man who derailed the will of his constituents by doing exactly the opposite of what the non-partisan Front Royal Town Council asked him to do. In view of Webert’s trickery and other Republican excesses, Tim Ratigan, until very recently a Republican of note in Front Royal, has announced his intent to vote for Harris this year.

The Republican-controlled legislature in Richmond is the problem. Harris will be part of the solution. Vote Democratic! Vote for Harris for delegate this Tuesday! If you don’t vote, you can’t complain!

Waller H. Wilson, Front Royal