Letters to the Editor: Vote for best qualified candidate for revenue commissioner


At the Chamber of Commerce Candidates’ Forum held Oct. 3, Sherry Sours, a candidate for Warren County Commissioner of the Revenue, made a strong pitch that she had the support of the former Commissioner of the Revenue John Smedley to succeed him as commissioner.

That assertion was strongly challenged by Smedley’s widow, Doris Smedley, in a letter to the editor appearing in the Northern Virginia Daily on Oct. 12. She stated that her husband preferred Roy Boyles to succeed him, attempting to appoint him as deputy in 2002. However, Boyles never did become deputy.

For my part, I was a good friend and political ally of John Smedley and regardless of his preference a decade ago, Smedley since then had strongly supported the Republican candidates for political office.

Frankly, I believe it is self serving, as well as disrespectful to the memory of a good man, for any of us to try to gain political advantage by speculating on what Smedley’s choice of successor — independents Sours and Boyles, and Republican Mike McCool — and to decide which of them brings a fresh set of eyes to the Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office and is best qualified to serve the people of this county for the next two years.

Dominic J. Repici, Chairman
Warren County Republican Committee