Editorial: No place in our schools for hazing

The word hazing conjures an ugly scene of physical or psychological abuse. Usually prohibited, hazing continues to occur on college campuses, in the military, on sports teams and among other groups that practice rituals in an aim to initiate, humiliate or abuse its members.

A Shenandoah County teacher is on leave this week after being arrested and charged in a hazing incident that, according to police, involved school children — and one of the children sustained minor injuries.

School officials as well as police are investigating this matter, but they are remaining mum on details of what actually occurred. A criminal complaint filed in the case and reported on in today’s Daily, however, notes that the teacher allegedly “issued a hazing treatment of two students” by school football team members. The reason given: falling asleep in class.

There’s plenty of conversation about town and in the Daily’s online comments areas about this incident. Online readers are expressing shock, disbelief and anger that a teacher could be involved in a hazing incident. Some are wondering why the juveniles who carried out the hazing treatment have not been charged as well. Others are cautioning that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

A hazing incident in our local schools is simply astonishing — especially at a time when schools are hypersensitive about bullying. Now we have to add hazing to that lesson?