Letter to the Editor: Electric car wars


Recently, I saw a television news report about the Chevrolet Volt and charging stations. Washington, D.C., is crying for more charging stations for electric cars. The reporter bragged about spending only $5 to recharge a Chevrolet Volt she borrowed to make a test run.

If you spend $5 at a charging station and you have a range of 40 miles, you are getting the equivalent of 25 mpg. On the other hand, if you charge a Volt at your home, you are spending a dollar for an eight-hour charge and getting the equivalent of 126 mpg.

Chevrolet has sold 138,000 Volts since 2010. There are few other electric cars on the market.

We don’t need charging stations as bad as we need air stations. What happened to all the outdoor air compressors that used to be at most gas stations? If you need air for your tires you are in a bad way. That is no way to treat American motorists.

More electric cars would be good for the economy. The energy source for cars of the future is still uncertain. The three choices we have are bio fuels, hydrogen, or the battery. Take your pick.

David Tankersley III, Maurertown