Letter to the Editor: Give credit where credit is due


I grew up in Front Royal and always look for an opportunity to join friends there every chance I get.

How excited I was to hear that Roxanne Bauserman, coordinator, woman behind the idea, planner extraordinaire, was organizing the first ever Zombie Walk on Oct. 26. Little did I know as I prepped at home to transform into a zombie that it was going to be such a huge success. Hundreds of people, young and old, joined in the fun and walked in full zombie character. The streets were lined with spectators with cameras and video to witness the parade of participants.

As we approached the gazebo, we were faced with full paparazzi. There were so many people eager to get photos. As the crowd turned the corner, restaurant-goers were surprised by the disruption of their quiet relaxing dinner. Smiles filled the windows and cameras started flashing from inside as well. All had fun and several people claimed, “I can’t wait for next year!”

How unfortunate, though, that this elation for a job well done and a community turnout so large could be squashed by one simple mistake in reporting by local media. All who took part in the Zombie Walk knew who the organizer was — Roxanne Bauserman — but that wasn’t reported.

Amber Darr, Clear Brook