Letter to the Editor: JMU coach’s remarks hurt his team


This is in regards to Daily sports writer Tommy Keeler’s fine playoffs article of Nov. 9. A rhetorical inquiry would be: is James Madison University football coach Micky Mathews a less than articulate individual? That’s not likely. However, his recent press conference remarks regarding the University of New Hampshire’s athletic facilities and location indicate his choice of terminology and syntax to be dubious.

The coach’s comments constituted the essence, and eloquence, of a piqued second grader: “the facilities aren’t very nice,” “so far away from Harrisonburg” “always seems like it’s the other side of the world when ‘you’ go up there,” “our Virginia kids always think they’re going to Canada,” etc.

Maybe that’s how the coach feels, but he should not convey that phobia to his players.

As for the UNH athletic facility, I’d say the coach’s assertion — albeit tenuous — is correct. However, in the interest of candor and elocution, I suggest the coach should have used reference adjectives such as shabby, substandard, deficient and so forth. My comments, obviously, are after the fact.

Give us a break! The coach unwittingly assisted in sabotaging his team’s efforts in the subsequent loss to UNH.

Joe Lindsay, Gainesboro