Letter to the Editor: Let’s meet to solve today’s homeless issue


On Nov. 7 I attended a meeting that was supposed to be about addressing the growing homeless population issue in the county. What I attended wasn’t that at all. It was a meeting where another corporation is trying to infiltrate our community and push a liberal agenda down our throats. Some who were there may disagree, and that’s fine, however, the fact remains that there is a problem and what this guy was offering is not a solution.

By signing on with this corporation, we would be contracted to follow their rules and regulations and pay them 1.5 percent of our annual budget, and then wait for 12-18 months to get it off the ground. In the meantime, the homeless are out there through the winter. Also, the homeless living in the tents U.S. 11 aren’t qualified for this program because they are single men. This corporation isn’t addressing the current issue we have.

Some of you may be thinking, “They need to get a job!” or something critical like that. Once you are out on the street, it’s not easy to just come back and re-establish yourself. And jobs are hard to come by right now.

So what do we do? Do we keep ignoring them? Do we drive by the growing tent city and maintain a fixed look straight ahead to avoid seeing them? Or do we do the Christian thing and help them? On any given Sunday, the majority in our county gets up and goes to church. Are we just checking a block? Or are we a Christian community?

We have people in our community who are in dire need of assistance. I have brought some of these men into my home as well as a few others in our community. But there needs to be more. I have a few ideas, but I cannot do it alone.

I propose that we have another community meeting and this time we meet about the current issue and try and find a solution. Shenandoah County can do this without the help of another corporation.

Roy W. Combs, Fort Valley