Letter to the Editor: Worship as you please, but respect others’ views


In the interest of compassion and reason I write this for the sole purpose of assuring letter writer Tom Demski (Nov. 19 letter to the editor) that I nor anyone that I am aware of is out to destroy Christianity or any other religion for that matter.

Please put your mind at ease, there is no war on religion. This is the most religiously diverse country in the world because of the establishment clause that not only mandates a separation of church and state but guarantees all Americans the right to pursue the religion of their choice. All religions thrive in this country because of that clause, not in spite of it.

I whole heartily support the right for anyone to worship as they please. All I ask is that they respect my right to disagree without accusing me of being out to deny them that constitutionally guaranteed right.

May your God bless you and keep you. And while I’m at it, have a very Merry Christmas!

Gene Rigelon, Front Royal