Letter to the Editor: Yes, the Bible and God still make sense

By Bob Bowman

Doesn’t the Bible still prompt people to turn from being selfish and self-serving to just being good servants, respecting their parents, giving up hate for love, and focusing on forgiveness? Even with its critics who often claim that it is full of allegories, the Bible remains one of the few opportunities to develop moral character and show the value of patience, peace, and inspiration — by contrasting the consequences of bad behavior. It has inspired generation after generation to fight for equality, justice, and social reform — giving America a firm foundation in the world.

Without such guidance, the world seems bent on immediate gratification – sacrificing the love of God for the loneliness of evolution — by rejecting that love! Yet, even in those cases where some do not readily trust the Bible’s version of God, there is indisputable proof of our creator by other means.

I am compelled to tell you that God is not a notion. God is the reason you have a reliable heart, adjustible eyesight, memory, and scores of phenominal gifts that have mistakenly been attributed to random evolution. Even Charles Darwin, creator of the theory of evolution, rejected the idea that humans were subject to his theory!

Intelligence does not come from a lack of intelligence (scientists are finding more examples of incredible intelligence even on a cellular level); error-correcting DNA enzymes do not come from errors (accidental merging of atoms); and adult teeth embedded above baby teeth obviously requires foreknowledge which evolutionary forces do not possess — by definition. Blind faith, especially in evolution, should be replaced by more thorough questioning – double checking the so-called experts by extensive independent research.

Instead of asking where the mysterious 223 genes came from (since they do not support the idea of human evolution) — ask the more pertinent question — where did the idea of male and female come from? Don’t evolutionists see the irony of thinking that if a so-called mutation could cause a male or female in a new species — that there would have to be another miraculous mutation to cause the opposite sex in that new species — and sexually compatible — within the same lifetime of the first so-called mutation — and more untenably — how could the sex cells be modified in the same instance?

I would like to stress the fact that our creator did not just create life forms without purpose — but endowed most species with sight, hearing, touch, and communication faculties for abundant life with intimate interactions, providing male/female helpmates to ensure food acquisition and infant-rearing dual capabilities – but mainly to provide for an efficient way to optimize the gene pool (spliting the chromosomes to minimize gene malfunctions during procreation).

It is a known fact that the DNA that constructs each body has error-correcting enzymes to prevent such double mutations, and we also know that there are reproduction barriers built in so that different species can not interbreed naturally.

An additional rebuttal to DNA relationships: DNA has to be similar to provide for the success of the required food chain.

There are many human functionalities that absolutely contradict evolution and confirm divine direction: blood clotting, bone mendings, numerous homeostatic protections, and stomach lining replacements due to acid destruction (note: since almost all cells in the body must be replaced regularly, the body is “reborn” many times in a lifetime). The fact that God spent six thousand hours to make our bodies highly reliable shows his care. Even externally caused imperfections have been anticipated and corrected by divine provisioning of doctors in all professions.

Bob Bowman is a Shenandoah county resident and former SCPS technology coordinator.