The end of Thanksgiving? Readers react to holiday store openings

Black Friday continues to push back into Thanksgiving with more major retailers breaking tradition and opening on the holiday rather than waiting for Black Friday to start off the holiday shopping season. We asked our Facebook readers at facebook.com/nvdaily what they thought about turning Thanksgiving into the holiday shopping day.

Rayna Cutrona: “Corporate interest is in profit. We the consumer speak with our dollars. Don’t go out and spend dollars on this day and fewer retailers will find it worthwhile to be open. Otherwise, we send the message that things, stuff and consumption are more important than anything else. If you MUST go out, go out and help someone else. At a shelter. At a soup kitchen.”

Tisha Bell France: “Thanksgiving is a day to be Thankful for our family and for what God has given us. Saving a few dollars at WalMart and other stores is not worth making people be forced to spend the day away from their families.”

Barbara Jenkins: If these stores were having employees work on a volunteer basis, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. That is not the case for the large retail chains. My brother and his wife both work at Wal-Mart. We are having to cancel our family Thanksgiving for the 2nd year because they are both forced to work. I have pledged not to shop on Thanksgiving. I refuse to be part of this corporate greed. As long as the public supports this practice, it will continue.”

Tammy Sullivan: “I will NOT be participating. I know why we celebrate the season and will continue to honor that.”

Wendy Drury: It is nothing but corporate greed. Now I’m off my soap box and moving on. :o)”

Carolyn Barr:
Nothing more important that day than being with family — can shop next day.”

Anna BanAnna: “I think it’s rather sad that companies cannot put their employees first, and let them have a day off to enjoy with their families, instead of constantly thinking of greed. I will not participate in shopping on the holidays.”

Stephanie Buckley: “The commercialization of the Christmas holiday is getting way too far out of hand. Thanksgiving is as much a “family together time” holiday as Christmas. It should continue to be treated as such.”

Lori Stoops Swartz: “I say to retailers … Give it up! Let this 1 day be about others!!”

Albert McGilvray: “Those who want to be together for food, football and family will still gather together. Those who are alone will migrate to the stores for something to do. Some employees will be angry they have to work (and I can’t blame them), while others will be “thankful” for the extra paycheck.”

Jeff Terwilliger: “I work in a grocery store. They have been open for years (7-3) customers shop for their weekly groceries, then have the nerve to say to me it is a shame you have to work on a holiday. No you are not or you wouldn’t shop.”

Sherry Mongold Hartley:
“I say if they would quit raising the prices on everything under the sun then people wouldn’t feel the need to go out on Thanksgiving just to try to save a little money to give their kids a decent Christmas.”

Terie Conner:
“My family and I will not be shopping on Thanksgiving. That is a special time when we spend the day together thanking God for all that He has done for us.”

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