Letter to the Editor: Rest of us need to win Social Security debate


Sen. Tom Harkin has a bill in the Senate that proposes to increase Social Security benefits, and he found a recent ally in Sen. Elizabeth Warren, whose support has riled up those wanting to cut those benefits in the name of reducing our national deficit. At last, the debate has shifted to not how much to cut but whether we need to cut or raise Social Security benefits to help America be the best country we can be.

The cutters say we need to cut to survive financially. These folks are mainly shills for the right wing billionaire, Pete Peterson, whose tactic has been to pit the needs of old folks against the young folks, arguing that we fund the old folks at the expense of our children and grandchildren.

Peterson, remember his name because he is the guy behind the cutters, has spent millions getting folks to write “studies” that prove we need to cut Social Security or risk America going down the tubes. And he has been mostly successful in convincing everyone until Sens. Harkin, Warren and Bernie Sanders began to push back.

The debate has changed. Who knows who will win. I, for one, hope “we the people” win; and I’m afraid that to do that the wealthy plutocrats will need to chip in some more both in the form of income tax and corporate tax.

From everything I have read, simply removing the income cap on Social Security taxes will do the trick. But that is a redistribution of wealth in the wrong direction for those who believe we should cut taxes on the wealthy and let the effect trickle down to the rest. That might actually cause the spigot to open more than a trifling trickle.

Michael Cash, Fort Valley