Letter to the Editor: Our medical care system is a mess


In his Dec. 12 article, Andy Schmookler worries and wonders if his neighbors are happy to be lied to? Let’s remember how America’s medical care system has been turned into an unsafe, unaffordable mess.

When you go to the doctor, one you choose, know and like, and this doctor knows and hopefully likes you, there is a trusting relationship. At the same time, you have a health insurance policy that works for you and you have managed for years to pay for it yourself. Now, President Obama arrives, assuring us all, “No problem, none of this will change, just enact this law I ask for.” (Elections have consequences, you know.) Thus, on Christmas Eve the Affordable Care Act was passed. Only Democratic representatives voted for it. To reach the required number of votes needed, the last three Democrat votes were obtained by giving these senators special exemptions for their states.

The curtain rises. The law calls for new, expensive requirements that all Americans — except those favored groups Obama declares exempt — must buy, whether they need, can afford, or want them. Suddenly, the floor is pulled out from under you, your doctors, and even your hospitals.

Imagine, you have a serviceable vehicle (your present health policy). Obama says, that’s surely not good enough for you. I know best. You need a BMW. Not only that, I have another group over here, I want them to have BMWs, too. My affordable care law ensures you pay for your BMW as well as theirs because they won’t be required to pay anything.

America’s mainstream oath states, “I will tell the truth, the whole truth.” This is important! The law creates the Independent Payment Advisory Board, unelected, unchecked, unappealable, and does not have to meet in public or hold public hearings. This board will print out the price tag for the bells and whistles for whatever health problems are encountered, and this law is involved.

It’s obvious, many mainstream Americans honor the truth. They did not get it, and to this day do not have it!

Patricia Botts, Fort Valley