Letter to the Editor: Pushing the envelope?


Whatever one thinks on the subject of gay marriage, the fact remains: a good many parents, backed by strong personal feeling, and by well over two millennia of religious, cultural and social proscription, wish to keep reference to homosexual practices out of the home, as far from their children as possible. Your paper, which goes into the home, erred on Dec. 24 by publishing a singular picture of two men in lip-lock.

While it may well be argued that the accompanying article — on homosexual marital victories in Utah — warranted publication as a fact-of-life event, its fact-of-life photo was in-one’s-face. I mean, is the Northern Virginia Daily pushing an envelope here? I can’t recall the Daily’s inclusion of any photo showing such a male-female smacker.

Having gone so far on the 24th, having broken new ground, the question arises: along with the Internet, television and check-out counter magazines, is the Daily on the road to becoming yet another media source which parents must vet in order to prevent child-access to such material?

Richard W. Hoover, Front Royal