Letter to the Editor: What does Christ want for Christmas?


What do you want for Christmas? Our children and grandchildren already have their “wish list” ready full of the latest and greatest new toys.

Husbands have their own list of “big boy toys”, and wives have dreams of new outfits with shiny accessories. As we get older and hopefully wiser, you will hear us say,
“Oh I don’t really need anything,” which may have some truth to it, but we all have at least one unfulfilled desire.

As I contemplated my own answer to this question I thought about why we celebrate this time of year.

For Christians it is actually the celebration of someone’s birthday, Jesus of Nazareth, who was actually Jewish, which led me to ponder if I should be celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah or both?

I guess that’s a question to ponder at another time. For now I’m wondering what the “birthday boy” would like. What does Christ want for Christmas?

His first birthday gifts were those of:
• Gold – representing his kingship
• Frankincense – his priesthood
• And myrrh – an aromatic used in embalming , prophesying his sacrificial substitutionary death.

But the greatest gift, the one brought by not only the magi, but the shepherds, angels, animals and even Mary and Joseph, was worship.

Worship should be at the center of all we do this season, not only in church but in our homes as well. So as we are giving gifts and celebrating around the tree or table, let’s take time to worship the Christ-child.

May you have a Christ-filled, blessed Christmas!

Harold Wetzel, pastor, Valley Central Church, Quicksburg