Editorial: Avoid snowy projectiles, peepholes

The season’s first significant snowfall brought winter to the our area on Sunday.

Valley residents who ventured out had to go slowly over snow-covered roads. By early Monday, a layer of ice coated everything. Motorists had to chip away at the ice on their windows and car doors before they could leave their drives. But it was obvious on Monday that while they were able to set out on the roads, some motorists forgot to clean the icy snow off the tops of their vehicles.

Temperatures rose as Monday morning went by and that started to melt the snow and ice. Do you know what happens to icy snow that’s left on top of a vehicle that’s going 60 or 70 miles per hour on the interstate? It turns into a missile, heading directly for vehicles in its path.

With more snow predicted for today, take a few minutes to clean your windows — no peephole driving — and remove the snow from the hood, roof and bumper of your vehicle before heading out. Fellow motorists will be glad that you did.