Letter to the Editor: Let’s not follow Colorado and legalize marijuana


It is surprising to me that the state of Colorado has legalized marijuana. I am definitely against that for the following reasons:

• Even though the age to purchase it is 18, kids younger than that would be able to get it also, like they can get liquor
• It can be habit forming and lead to greater drug use
• Marijuana is very bad for young people because it affects their growing brains.
• Now, we will have more car accidents in addition to drunk driving and texting while driving.

I know that marijuana, for medical reasons, may help people having nausea from chemotherapy. But, being able to buy it for recreational purposes is not a good idea.

Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland seems to be against it also. We want our children to grow up to be healthy. Smoking marijuana is not a good idea.

Many celebrities, such as Willie Nelson, smoke marijuana every day and if you have seen him interviewed, you will see that he is not quite right.

Let us hope that Virginia will not follow Colorado in legalizing this drug.

Dot Lowerre