Letter to the Editor: Story tarnished special ed students


I was appalled to read in Friday’s article — “Documents describe detailed plans for high school massacre” — your comparison of “eligibility for special education services” as parallel to mental health problems. You clearly have no idea what special ed means and what positive results these services provide to students.

I am saddened that you would tarnish such students and their teachers, and perpetuate the myths and inaccuracies that a student who needs help so s/he is able to learn and function in the classroom is broken, not normal or, as you imply, a monster.

Your editors are also shamed by allowing this article to be published. Don’t you verify your sources? Special ed evaluations are required by law to be confidential. Who released them to you and why are you quoting them? That is a story worth following (by an investigative writer). I hope the editorial and legal staffs are prepared to explain and defend your violations of trust if not the law.

I expect to read a published apology to all special ed students and dedicated teachers, and clarification to assure other parents that there is no stigma attached to applying for special services to help a child.

Skip Mertz, Fort Valley