Letter to the Editor: Wildlife center should not release bear cubs now


The Wildlife Center of Virginia in Waynesboro is in the process of releasing up to 17
yearling black bears into the forests of Virginia.

Cubs this young are not equipped to survive being thrown into the woods this time of year. Normally they would still be with their mothers and in hibernation. None of these cubs will be familiar with the environment of their new area nor will they be able to find or dig a den site because the ground is frozen.

Being exposed in this winter weather they will quickly burn any fat reserves because their metabolism is much higher than bears already in dens. Food this time of year is non-existent.

There is no conscionable reason to release these cubs now. Many if not all will die.

The Division of Fish and Game in Virginia and the Wildlife Center bear full responsibility for this atrocious decision.

Joel Rosenthal, President, Point of View Farm Inc.
A wildlife Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Center
Hillsboro, W.Va.