Letter to the Editor: Marijuana vs. alcohol use


Willie Nelson is “not quite right!”

I guess Dot Lowerre — from her letter of Jan. 23 — hasn’t heard about Farm Aid! Furthermore, I haven’t heard Nelson admit using cocaine, meth or heroin. He does freely admit to smoking marijuana.

Personally, I do not indulge simply because it is illegal. However, if it is legalized, who’s to say I won’t.

I have been around a lot of people “under the influence” of marijuana and I have also been around a lot of people drinking alcohol. Never have I witnessed a marijuana smoker get into a fight, start a heated argument, drive too fast or reckless or being belligerent. I have, however, witnessed this in many alcohol consumers. The only thing in danger from a marijuana user is food. They eat, they laugh and seem to just enjoy whatever they’re doing.

My kids are grown now and Mom doesn’t have control over what they do/use but, if I had a choice, I would rather they smoke marijuana than drink alcohol!

If it does indeed become legal to purchase and smoke, I’ll invite Lowerre over to my “pad,” I’ll roll her a joint, smoke it with her, and we’ll party all night.

Kitty Martz, Edinburg